How to format a floating number in Python

Formatting numbers by specifying the precision helps organize data visually. For example, the value of pi 3.14159265359 formatted to two decimal places is 3.14.

Solution for How to format a floating number in Python : You can use str.format() to format a floating number Use str.format(value) to format value by specifying a replacement field within the string. The replacement field, defined by {}, serves as a placeholder for value and defines the format for value. Use the format code syntax {field_name:conversion} for the replacement field specifying the index number of the argument as field_name, and the conversion code of the data type as conversion. To format value as a float set conversion to f.

To adjust the number of digits to display after the decimal point include a period . followed by the number of decimal places to include before the conversion type f.

pi = 3.14159265359